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If you need to cancel an existing Order, there may be a cancellation fee.

  • If the Order is still being process, there will be no fee to cancel the Order. 
  • If the Order has been internally processed and your Credit Card has been charged, a service fee will be added to the Credit Card. The fee will be 5% of total amount charged and refunded, with a minimum $10.00 fee. This fee covers the charges we incur when we charge and then refund a cancelled Order. 
  • If an order has been processed and packed to ship, the Order cannot be cancelled.
  • If an order has been shipped then all return fees will charged to you. You will only receive a refund for the amount charged of the items returned - not for original shipping cost.

For questions about Order cancellations, please contact the New Holland Country Store Customer Service associate at 844-252-1331 or email


Figuring out the right model scale to purchase can be confusing at times. Keep in mind that the higher the denominator number in the fractional ratio - the smaller the scale.

For simple reference remember:

  • A pedal tractor is about three feet long. 
  • A 1/8th scale model is about two feet long. 
  • A 1/16th scale model is about a foot long. 
  • A1/32nd scale model is six to eight inches long. 
  • A 1/64th scale model is approximately Matchbox® size or about three inches long. 
  • Large 4WD tractors and large equipment are exceptions to these sizes. 

Typically a 1/32nd scale model implement will not be big enough for a 1/16th tractor and vice versa.

  • O-Gauge is 1/48th scale - could use both 1/43rd and 1/50th scales 
  • S-Gauge is 1/64th scale 
  • HO-Gauge is 1/87th scale 
  • N-Gauge is about 1/148th to 1/160 scale 

Some construction models come in 1/50th scale.

For questions about scale model sizes, please contact the New Holland Country Store Customer Service team at 844-252-1331 or email


New Holland Country Store accepts these forms of payment:

  • Visa, 
  • Mastercard
  • Discover 
  • PayPal 
  • NewHollandCountry Store Gift Certificates 

We do not accept personal checks or money orders.


Gift certificates can only be purchased and redeemed on the New Holland Country™ Store web site only.

A gift certificate code will be emailed to you once your Credit Card has been charged and approved.

Gift certificate codes are to be entered during the Check-Out process for redemption.

If you are purchasing the Gift Certificate for someone else, you may want to think about having the gift certificate code sent to you e-mail and then pass it along to your recipient.

Gift certificates are not redeemable for cash and must be spent for purchases on the New Holland Country Store web site.

Gift certificates from other major Credit Card companies may not work at the New Holland Country Store. Questions about redemption should be directed to the New Holland Country Store Customer Service team at 844.252.1331 or email

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